Who is Broad?

The Broad Institute brings together a diverse group of individuals from across its partner institutions — undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, professional scientists, administrative professionals, and academic faculty.

The culture and environment at the Broad is designed to encourage creativity and to engage all participants, regardless of role or seniority, in the mission of the Institute. Within this setting, researchers are empowered — both intellectually and technically — to confront even the most difficult biomedical challenges.

The Institute’s organization is unique among biomedical research institutions. It encompasses three types of organizational units: core member laboratories, programs and platforms. Scientists within these units work closely together — and with other collaborators around the world — to tackle critical problems in human biology and disease.

Institute Members are deeply engaged in the intellectual life of Broad and are responsible for setting its scientific direction. Core Institute Members have their primary laboratories in the Broad Institute facilities. In addition to their appointments at their home institutions, they have tenured or tenure-track appointments at Broad. Non-Core Institute Members have their primary laboratories at their home institution, and typically have laboratory groups and lead projects at the Broad as well.

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Associate Members are active participants in the Broad community – attending regular scientific meeting, leading and collaborating on projects, and are eligible for internal seed funding. In some cases, they have laboratory space at the Broad.

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The Broad’s senior scientific staff are deeply involved in leading and executing a range of core scientific projects across the Institute, and include Ph.D-level scientists, computational biologists, software engineers and other senior technical staff. They work together with their colleagues, both at the Broad and beyond, to propel the Institute’s science and contribute as leaders in their fields of expertise within the broader scientific community.

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Programs and Program Initiatives are intellectual communities that unite researchers around a shared scientific focus. They are comprised of core and associate members and their laboratories, as well as Broad Institute staff. Program scientists meet regularly to share ideas, launch collaborations that extend beyond the capabilities of any individual laboratory or institution, and pursue ambitious projects with the potential to transform their field.

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Platforms and Platform Initiatives are professional organizations that bring together the technological, informatics and management expertise necessary to create unmatched capabilities for the Broad’s research. They are led by and comprised of professional staff scientists with deep scientific expertise, organizational skills, and experience executing projects that are far-reaching in scope and scale. Platform scientists routinely push the frontier of rapidly evolving technologies and pursue projects that could not be undertaken within a single academic laboratory.

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