NextGen Association for postdocs and grad students

The Broad Institute’s NextGen Association aims to build community among the Institute’s academic trainees, including postdoctoral scholars and graduate students, by sponsoring professional enrichment activities, career development events and social gatherings while also serving as an advocate for its members. The NextGen Association works in close collaboration with the Academics Affairs office. We aim to promote a strong trainee community at the Broad, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the experience for all trainees. We try to offer services to the trainee community, which are not provided through other means.

We offer educational workshops and seminars focusing on important skills that are often neglected in a formal curriculum. We have offered or are planning to offer workshops on the following topics: paper and grant writing, public speaking, resume consultation, negotiation and interviewing skills, work-life balance and management skills.

Another set of activities center around communication and networking. We provide trainees the opportunity to help build their own community as volunteers in the association. We have a range of recurring monthly events. First, our monthly planning meetings are open to all trainees, where we discuss ideas and plan future events. Our monthly seminar series gives trainees the opportunity to present their science to peers and get feedback on their presentation skills from professionals. And of course, there is the monthly social event where science (and other topics!) are discussed over food and drinks. Last, but not least, we initiated a buddy program that gives new trainees at Broad somebody to help acquaint them with the institute during their first weeks as a Broadie.

Contact Info

Andreea O’Connell, Assistant Director, Office of Academic Affairs

If you have questions about the NextGen Association or would like to share your thoughts, please email If you are a postdoctoral scholar or graduate student at the Broad and would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact