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RC454 Release History

Current Version: v20121108 (1.2)

Version History

v20121108 (1.2)

released date: 2012.11.08

comments: fixed major bugs in scripts to convert sam output of Mosaik2 to qlx. These bugs do not affect users who were still using the Mosaik1 version of rc454. We recommend all users upgrade to this version.

major changes:

  • fixed two bugs in One was causing forward and reverse reads to be flipped in orientation with each run of The other was causing reads with clipped alignments in the Mosaik2 output to become rearranged on conversion to .qlx format.

minor changes:

  • now supports conversion of hard clipped reads
  • fixed several bugs in the output of clipping information for reads in SAM format when running Although these bugs were severe, is not used in the standard RC454 process, so they would have had no effect on standard analyses.

v20120830 (1.1)
released date: 2012.08.30
comments: updated to allow use of Mosaik 2 and support import of valid SAM/BAM files from other aligners
changes: (see release package for details)

  • updated to use the latest version of Mosaik (2.1.33)
  • samToQlx and qlxToSam rewritten for compatibility with all compliant SAM/BAM files
  • older versions of rc454 and runMosaik are included for backwards compatibility

v20120206 (1.0)
released date: 2012.02.06
comments: initial release