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Missing Sequences: Why just increasing diversity in genome science is not enough

Increasing diversity in large-scale studies of human genetic variation is important in understanding disease and identifying new potential drug targets. In this conversation from March 31, 2021, Keolu Fox and Heidi Rehm discuss how to achieve this goal in an ethical and equitable way. They discuss why understanding colonial legacies of exploitation of indigenous communities are important in identifying solutions. What are productive and authentic ways that scientists can engage with indigenous communities? How can we create new research models that can be most impactful for indigenous communities? As we move towards a future of precision medicine, how can we center equity and inclusion to guide the trajectory of that innovation?


About the Equity in Biomedicine Seminar Series (EBM)
This video is part of the Equity in Biomedicine Seminar Series (EBM), an institute-wide interactive meeting that focuses on critical issues related to equity and representation in biomedical research, especially as it applies to genomics research and precision medicine. Speakers dive into the equal or unequal social implications of their work: Who is affected? How are they affected? Why? The overall goal of this series is to foster discussions about equity and inspire Broad scientists and trainees to reflect on the social impact of their own research.

The EBM series is sponsored by the IDEA Office; each event in the series is presented by one or more Broad scientific groups in collaboration with Shades@Broad and the organizing committee. For more information about the EBM series or to nominate a future seminar speaker, contact Mireille Kamariza.