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Genomics, Science and Fiction

Fiction is often used as a vehicle to explore the implications of scientific progress, and the cutting-edge science of genomics has, in recent years, captured the popular imagination.

At a special Broad Institute public event on January 3rd, 2013, a panel of experts addressed some of the ethical and sociocultural issues raised by depictions of genomics in film, and helped separate science fact from science fiction.

Jay Clayton
Director, The Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy, Vanderbilt University

George Church
Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School; Director of

Lauren Tomaselli
Director of Curriculum and Training, Personal Genetics Education Project 

Chad Nusbaum
Co-Director, Genome Sequencing and Analysis Program and Scientific Director, Broad Technology Labs

About Broad Creative
Broad Creative is a series of events that explores and celebrates the connection and collaboration between art and science. It is an endeavor brought on by the idea that crossing the conventionally drawn line between science and art can cultivate and inspire the creativity needed for innovative work. The series is meant to provoke thoughtful discussion within the Broad community about the roles both art and science play in our lives and our work, and to spur us all to consider the creative potential of art/science collaboration.