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Equity in Biomedicine Seminar: Honoring Henrietta Lacks’ Legacy (Highlights)

In this highlights video of an Equity in Biomedicine (EBM) seminar, Rebecca Skloot, author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and Jeri Lacks-Whye, Henrietta Lacks’ granddaughter discuss the legacy of Henrietta Lacks and HeLa cells with Broad's Ayanah Dowdye, Foxy Robinson, and Bill Sellers. This EBM event was jointly organized by Shades@Broad, A4C@Broad, Bioethics@Broad, Count Me In, and the Cancer Program to celebrate and honor the life of Henrietta Lacks.


About the Equity in Biomedicine Seminar Series (EBM)
This video is part of the Equity in Biomedicine Seminar Series (EBM), an institute-wide interactive meeting that focuses on critical issues related to equity and representation in biomedical research, especially as it applies to genomics research and precision medicine. Speakers dive into the equal or unequal social implications of their work: Who is affected? How are they affected? Why? The overall goal of this series is to foster discussions about equity and inspire Broad scientists and trainees to reflect on the social impact of their own research.

The EBM series is sponsored by the IDEA Office; each event in the series is presented by one or more Broad scientific groups in collaboration with Shades@Broad and the organizing committee. For more information about the EBM series or to nominate a future seminar speaker, contact Mireille Kamariza.