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Earth Week Keynote Panel: Environmental toxins and public health

In this panel discussion with environmental justice scientists and advocates Karletta Chief, Marcos Luna, and Jonathan Levy focus on how science can measure and mitigate the public health impacts of climate change. Co-moderated by Clary Clish and Jesse Souweine.


About the speakers

Dr. Karletta Chief she/her/hers (University of Arizona) is a Diné hydrologist, best known for her work to address environmental pollution in the Navajo Nation and increase the participation of Native Americans in STEM.

Dr. Jonathan Levy he/him/his (BU) researches urban environmental exposure and health risk modeling, with an emphasis on spatiotemporal exposure patterns and related environmental justice issues.

Dr. Marcos Luna he/him/his (Salem State University, GreenRoots Chelsea) uses GIS technology to work with community partners to identify and address environmental justice issues locally and in the region, from transit (in)justice to climate change.

Co-sponsored by Shades@Broad, Women@Broad, and Sustainability@Broad