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Cancer Immunotherapy Data Science Challenge Overview

The "Cancer Immunotherapy Data Science Challenge: Reprogramming T Cells to Combat Tumors" was borne of the desire to leverage rapid advances in single-cell sequencing technologies and the power of machine learning to improve cancer treatment. 

Scientists have long known that T cells, our immune system’s fighter cells, could play a bigger role in fighting cancer. While researchers have made recent breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy and T cell engineering, these advances have been limited in their effectiveness for patients.

But what if we could modify individual genes in T cells to transform these cells into tumor destroyers?

That's why the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard, Topcoder, and other collaborators are holding this challenge — to come together with the machine learning community to develop algorithms that identify genetic changes to T cells that could make them better at killing cancer cells.

The data science challenge will run from January 9-February 3, 2023. Learn more and sign up here.