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BroadE: Navigating Genetic Screens with the GPP

This Fall 2017 BroadE workshop hosted by the Genetic Perturbation Platform (GPP) explores functional genomics resources at the Broad, both for those interested in performing genetic screens and for those interested in using these tools to answer specific questions in their area of interest. The workshop is aimed at bench scientists who might collaborate with GPP to conduct a screen, as well as computationalists who want to understand more about the biological mechanisms and experimental approaches underlying the data sets that emerge. We will cover the range of perturbation technologies available in the Platform, including RNAi, ORF, and CRISPR. We will discuss the planning and execution of genome-wide and customized screens using these reagents, and then how to analyze the results. We will provide examples of success stories -- and cautionary tales -- and discuss how to move from primary screening data to figures 3 through 7 of your publication.