Stanley Center Therapeutics Team

Edward Scolnick, M.D.
Chief Scientist Emeritus
The Stanley Center Therapeutics team is an interdisciplinary team made up of Translational Research, Neurobiology, and Medicinal Chemistry groups.

Translational Research

Jeffrey Cottrell, Ph.D.
Director of Translational Research

Jon Madison, Ph.D.
Group Leader, Research Scientist II

Marek Nagiec, Ph.D.
Group Leader, Research Scientist

Karen Perez De Arce
Research Scientist I

Hao-Ran Wang, Ph.D.
Research Scientist II

Qihong Xu, Ph.D.
Research Scientist II

Yan-Ling Zhang, Ph.D.
Director of In Vitro Pharmacology

Karen Duong
Research Associate II

Marie Fitzpatrick
Senior Research Associate


Jen Pan, Ph.D.
Director of Translational Neurobiology

David Baez, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Associate

Ayan Ghoshal, Ph.D.
Research Scientist I

Lingling Yang, Ph.D.
Research Scientist I

Andrew Allen
Senior Research Associate II

Medicinal Chemistry

Florence Wagner, Ph.D.
Director of Medicinal Chemistry

AJ Campbell, Ph.D.
Computational Scientist II

Joshua Sacher, Ph.D.
Medicinal Chemist II

Michel Weïwer, Ph.D.
Senior Medicinal Chemist