Stanley Center Target Practice

An ever-increasing number of genetic variants, both rare and common, are being associated with psychiatric disease. The Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research has initiated the Target Practice program to fund innovative projects ($250,000 total costs for one year) to focus on translating these emerging genetic findings into novel mechanism-based therapeutic approaches for severe mental illnesses. Applications are invited from the scientific community to address this challenge on a rolling basis.

The following types of projects fall within this program, though additional studies will be considered:

  • Identification of the biochemical pathways regulated by specific genes associated with disease to illuminate potential druggable interventions. 
  • Exploration of the pathways or circuitry associated with psychiatric disease for the identification of novel drug targets or other therapeutic interventions.
  • Evaluation of a genetic model, probe molecule, or other technology (e.g. AAV vectors) for the validation of a target for psychiatric disease drug discovery. 


See the documents below for additional information and instructions:

Request for Applications
Application Instructions


For additional information or questions, please email