Technology areas

Biomedical research requires access to an array of technologies — and to people with the knowledge of how to use them in creative ways — in order to tackle complex problems. Our scientists and engineers bring their command of different technology areas to challenging projects that no single research laboratory can complete on their own.

Members of the Data Sciences Platform build open-source technologies that help researchers everywhere connect to the patients, datasets, and tools they need to do life-changing science.

The Genetic Perturbation Platform drives the functional study of the genome by developing groundbreaking technologies for perturbing genes at scale.

Genomic scientists here at Broad create foundational resources, explore innovative genomic technologies, and study the genomic basis of human traits and diseases.

Computationally mining cellular images' rich information content can propel discoveries in biology and medicine.

Cells' metabolites reveal unique chemical fingerprints of both normal and pathological biological processes.

Our proteomic specialists address important questions in biology, chemistry, and clinical sciences.