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MIA Talks

Topics Groups Nucleation Event (10-11am in Monadnock)

January 29, 2020

Do you have a project in progress that could use a fresh pair of eyes? Is there a work-relevant topic that you want to dive into with peers? This special MIA event is dedicated to small-scale topics groups (reading groups, journal clubs, or research meetings that fit in a conference room), especially those bringing people from different labs together. 

Organizers of past and present groups will discuss objectives, format, challenges, and outcomes. We will then conduct a live survey to gather data on existing topics groups as well as groups that you wish existed. We will finish with a discussion on ways to support and promote the formation of topics groups that benefit the MIA community.

Groups presenting:

  • Systems-cs & Hail study group
  • Deep learning reading group
  • Neale lab methods group
  • Stat/ML supergroup