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MIA Talks

Succinct tree sequences for megasample genomics

April 24, 2019
Big Data Institute, University of Oxford

The era of megasample genomics, where datasets routinely contain millions of sampled genomes, is upon us. Present-day computational methods are fundamentally organised around the variant matrix, where each row describes the observations for every sample at a given genomic location. At megasample-scale, such matrices are massively unwieldy and cannot be processed without complex parallel algorithms. We show that the recently-introduced succinct tree sequence data structure has the potential to hugely reduce storage and processing costs; that it directly encodes important biological signals; and that it has led to efficiency gains of several orders of magnitude in simulation and whole-genome ancestry inference. We examine the underlying algorithmic properties of tree sequences that enable such breakthrough performance gains, and also discuss a preliminary algorithm for exactly solving the Li and Stephens model in logarithmic time.