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Fall 2019
Date Speaker Affiliations Title
Dec 4 [Video]
  • Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Primer: An overview of some issues in Bayesian robustness
Oct 23 [Video]
  • Depts. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Physics, Harvard University
Primer: Computational challenges in optical electrophysiology (Note: Auditorium)
Oct 9 [Video]
  • Hail Team, Neale Lab, Broad Institute
  • Broad Institute
Primer: The geometry of linear regression, privacy-preserving linear algebra, and multi-party GWAS
Sep 25 [Video]
  • Goldenberg Lab, SickKids Research Institute; Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto; Vector Institute
Primer: Learning biological patterns across domains: Investigating and integrating information across data types and sources
Sep 11 [Video]
  • Infectious Disease & Microbiome Program, Chemical Biology & Therapeutic Sciences Program, Broad Institute
Primer: Impact of mutagenesis efficiency and selection stringency modulation during continuous directed evolution