Oxford Global Initiative in Neuropsychiatric GenEthics (NeuroGenE)

NeuroGenE is a neuropsychiatric genetics ethics program established by the Broad Institute, the University of Oxford, and institutions participating in the Stanley Global Neuropsychiatric Genetics Initiative (Stanley Global). NeuroGenE's strategic program of ethics — comprising an interdisciplinary program of bioethics research, ethics advice, training, and capacity building for scientific investigators — supports Stanley Global’s research capacity building partnerships in Africa and elsewhere. NeuroGenE is also developing community engagement and outreach activities with local health care practitioners, activists, and policy makers to improve understanding of mental health conditions.

Based at the University of Oxford, NeuroGenE is led by Ilina Singh. An Africa Ethics Working Group (AEWG) has been established, currently chaired by Violet Naanyu from Moi University (Kenya, Eldoret), with additional members (initially) from Ethiopia, Kenya (Kilifi), South Africa and Uganda, in order to represent the country collaborations within the Stanley Global effort in Africa.

Over time, NeuroGenE will engage bioethics expertise in China, Japan, and other regions of interest to the Stanley Center to develop research and deliver ethics training packages in local scientific sites.

To learn more, visit the NeuroGenE website.