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Common variants of the nitric oxide synthase 1 adaptor protein (NOS1AP) have been associated with variation in QT interval – a measure of myocardial repolarization – in individuals of European descent, although no association has been found in individuals of African descent to date. A confirmed association of QT interval duration with common SNPs along the NOS1AP locus could lead to improved targeting of preventive measures in high-risk individuals and expose novel biologic targets for therapy.

Using the data of individuals of predominantly African descent from the Jackson Heart Study, Sara and her Broad colleagues tested for association of QT interval duration with common SNPs along the NOS1AP locus. Although they found no difference in QT interval by genotype, the researchers predicted that 1 or more SNPs will be associated with QT interval and propose a next step of testing the relationship of NOS1AP to sudden cardiac death rates in populations of African descent.

Sara has earned awards for research posters she presented at the 2008 Annual New England Science Symposium and the 2007 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.


PROJECT: Common NOS1AP genetic variation and QT interval duration in African Americans

Mentor: Chris Newton-Cheh, Program in Medical and Population Genetics Program

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Sara Tribune

The opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research at the Broad Institute has given me valuable skills and knowledge. The institute’s innovative and interdisciplinary approach to scientific research has cultivated my passion for genomic research.