Eric Delgado

Comparative genomics has become an extremely powerful tool for the identification and characterization of large-scale evolutionary events. Fungi, in particular, pose a unique challenge to comparative genomics because of their characteristic preference for one stage in their alternation of generations, either diploid or haploid.

In order to determine whether appropriate functional comparisons could be made across species, Eric and his Broad colleagues determined the contribution of ploidy. They found that ploidy affects genes related to RNA metabolism and ribosome biogenesis. This work will provide a baseline for future studies that compare diploid and haploid yeast species, spanning 300 million years of evolution, in order to reveal particular evolutionary events.


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PROJECT: The contribution of ploidy to functional genomic comparisons in yeasts

Mentor: Dawn Thompson, Regev Lab


Eric Delgado
My experience this summer has given me valuable insight into what it is like to be a scientist. Especially here at the Broad, the open community and resources have built on my desire to pursue scientific research.