Eric Delgado

Ploidy varies widely in nature, yet there is no overarching evolutionary principle which guides the effect of ploidy on evolutionary fitness and gene regulation.

Eric and his Broad colleagues explored the contribution of ploidy to the divergence of gene expression in yeasts. They found that ploidy affects several gene groups, especially those related to meiosis pathways. This work will provide a baseline for future studies that compare diploid and haploid yeast species, spanning 300 million years of evolution, in order to reveal particular evolutionary events.


PROJECT: The Contribution of Ploidy to Evolutionary Divergence of Gene Expression in Yeasts

Mentor: Dawn Thompson, Regev Lab

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Eric Delgado

A second summer at the Broad has given me a deeper understanding of genomics and what scientists can accomplish when working collaboratively; it has truly driven me to pursue a career in science research.