2015 Research Highlights

Worked to develop a cellular model of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) patient mutations.

Characterized the expression and developmental profile of the schizophrenia-associated Cav3.3 gene in mouse brain tissues.

Studied rhabdoid tumors’ susceptibility to treatment with RTK inhibitors.

Investigated possible synthetic lethal gene interactions in breast cancer cells and built components for a bioreactor, known as “mutatostat,” that adjusts mutation rate to determine interactions relevant to an antibiotic resistance model.

Researched the modulation of the schizophrenia associated gene, GRIA1, by the CUL3 ubiquitin ligase.

Investigated how single cell heterogeneity impacts the Candida albicans–macrophage interface.

Identified gene expression features to distinguish SNPs causative of disease.

Assisted in generating the next generation of prostate cancer cell model.

Used SNP genotyping data to develop a tool improving detection of recent common ancestry among malaria parasite populations.

Investigated the protein S100A7 by analyzing which of its amino acids are critical for receptor binding.

Investigated the differential splicing and expression of the MUC1 gene in human tissues.

Worked on optimizing a pooled barcode cloning methodology to study cancer metastatic potential in vivo.