2008 Research Highlights

Used high throughput small molecule screens in an attempt to find genotype specific inhibitors for K-Ras mutants.

Analyzed 16S rRNA sequences related to the Human Microbiome Project.

Explored the effect that ploidy has on the genetic analysis of yeasts.

Interpreted genotype expressions of human cell lines for heritable rheumatoid arthritis risk.

Identified small molecules that may inhibit ETS transcription factor function.

Analyzed microRNA stability in lymphoma cancer cells.

Developed and implemented methodology which allows for the prediction of biological patterns using chemical substructure features.

Established positive controls in the development of an assay to detect transdifferentiation of pancreatic exocrine cells to an insulin expressing phenotype.

Studied electrocardiographic QT intervals association with common genetic variation.

Helped in the synthesis of diverse triazole scaffolds for future small molecule library design.

Probed the systems biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using computer algorithms and gene expression data.