Platform capabilities


If you are interested in our product services, please contact to set up a consultation and see if your project is the right fit. Additional information may be found here.

STP offers a number of imaging and spatial transcriptomics technologies that our collaborators (internal or external) may benefit from by partnering with us. We operate these instruments as a full-stack service - meaning, we carry out the slicing and TMA construction if needed, staining, and imaging. Data is delivered via the Cloud (GCP via Terra). 

Imaging spatial transcriptomics:

  • 10X Xenium
  • Vizgen MERSCOPE
  • STARMAP (Q3 2024)

Sequencing spatial transcriptomics:

  • 10X Visium HD (Q2 2024)
  • Curio Seeker (Q2 2024)
  • Curio Trekker (Q3 2024)

Multiplexed proteomics:

  • Lunaphore COMET
  • Akoya PhenoCycler

Additionally, STP has a number of instruments that internal Broad users may utilize through a self-service model at an hourly rate. This includes:

  • Confocal imaging (Andor 200 Dragonfly spinning disk confocal)
  • Widefield epifluorescence imaging (Nikon Ti2)
  • Light sheet microscopy (mesoSPIM)