Fellowships and awards

Merkin Institute Fellows Program

The Merkin Institute Fellows program, funded by Dr. Richard Merkin, was established in the spring of 2012 to support the most promising and transformative scientists at the Broad Institute. The program, the first endowed fellowship at the Broad, reflects Dr. Merkin’s belief in the profound impact that philanthropy can have on the careers of early-career scientists, specifically those developing innovative technologies or new methods that can dramatically accelerate an entire research field.

Next Generation Awards

Established in 2010, the Next Generation Awards support early-career researchers, nurturing an emerging group of scientific leaders in the Boston biomedical ecosystem. Recipients are affiliated with the Broad as associate or institute members at the assistant professor level, or as institute or staff scientists. Candidates are identified, nominated, and evaluated by Broad faculty, and are not limited to one discipline.

CISID Fellows Program

The Center for Integrated Solutions to Infectious Diseases (CISID) Fellows Program provides an opportunity for exceptional early-career scientists with an innovative scientific vision to develop an independent research program, partner with world-leading research institutions, hospitals, and clinics, and tackle major challenges in infectious disease. The Fellowship Program will foster the rapid development of new scientific leaders and transformative approaches, and further CISID’s mission to develop new ways of studying and treating infectious diseases.

Schmidt Fellows Program

The Schmidt Fellows program, funded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, empowers brilliant early-career scientists working at the intersection of biomedical and quantitative science to fearlessly take on some of the most critical challenges of quantitative biology's next decade. Fellows establish independent research programs prior to accepting faculty positions, and develop and/or apply systematic, unbiased and comprehensive strategies – computational and/or experimental – to tackle these challenges.

Broad Fellows Program

In 2017, the institute also welcomed two Broad Fellows, funded through other sources. These fellows are similar to the Schmidt Fellows in that they establish independent research programs prior to accepting faculty positions and work at the intersection of biomedical and quantitative science to tackle the challenges of biology’s next decade.

Eric S. Lander and Stuart L. Schreiber Awards in Scientific Excellence

In 2019, members of the Broad community—including current and former trainees and mentees—conceived of and established the annual Eric S. Lander and Stuart L. Schreiber Awards in Scientific Excellence in honor and gratitude for their vision and leadership in founding the Broad Institute, their creation of a culture in which the next generation is empowered to pursue scientific excellence, and their mentorship, especially of early career women in science. These awards are given to an outstanding postdoctoral fellow and graduate student, respectively, at the Broad Institute, who demonstrates many dimensions of scientific excellence, including a commitment to promoting women in science and full gender inclusion in the scientific community.
Contact:  SLS-ESLawards@broadinstitute.org 

Sperling Family Fellowship in Precision Healthcare

The Sperling Family Fellowship in Precision Healthcare leverages the strengths of two world-renowned institutions – the superb clinical care, expert bioinformatics, and rich data sources of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the basic science, computational, and genomics sophistication of the Broad Institute – to advance a translational research project with the potential to transform how we care for patients.

Wallenberg Family Foundation Fellowship

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation have established a postdoctoral fellowship program for the purpose of bringing outstanding young Swedish scientists to study and perform research for one to two years at the Broad Institute. After completing their postdoctoral training at the Broad Institute, fellows are given additional research support upon their return to Sweden to continue to benefit from their experiences at the Broad Institute, and to share those benefits with the scientific community of Sweden.


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