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SPARC Proposal Instructions

1. A proposal using the SPARC Proposal Form should be completed and ideally reviewed with the appropriate Program/Initiative Steering Committee prior to submission.

2. All proposals should be submitted electronically ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE to

3. Proposals must clearly state the importance of the science proposed and why it is appropriate for SPARC support. Section 2 of the proposal should be a concise narrative that communicates a compelling rationale for the project. It should also note how it fits the four key criteria listed in the SPARC Guidelines.

4. Sharing results or techniques with the Broad Community is highly desirable; a plan to do so is encouraged.

5. The Principal Investigator for each proposal must be a Broad Core Member, Senior Associate Member, Associate Member or Broad senior scientific staff (with PI status as designated by the Director). The roles and responsibilities of co-PIs, collaborators, platforms and any other participants should be clearly outlined.

6. Proposals should indicate their dependency and synergy with current Broad platforms. Vetting with Platform leaders is highly encouraged.

7. Where proposals involve outside commitments, some indication of the outside party's commitment (letter or email) should be included. "Letters of Support" should not be included with the application, instead applicants should provide contact information for anyone providing a letter of support for the proposal and the SPARC review committee will contact them directly.

8. If the project involves technical development and has the potential to become part of an existing platform or possibly a new platform, that information should be provided.

9. SPARC proposals for ONE year of funding will be considered. No-cost extensions will be considered based upon progress during year one. In some cases, it may be appropriate to provide a second year of SPARC funding; such funding will require a new application describing the need and progress.

10. Budgets are to reflect direct costs only.

11. Where applicable, budgets must reflect current Specialized Service Facility (SSF) rates for use of Broad Platform capacity. Additionally, the proposer must discuss the project with the Platform director to ensure they are able to complete the project.

12. Please note: All budgets should be discussed with Shannon Connell ( in Sponsored Research PRIOR to submission!