Dog Diseases

Dogs and humans get many of the same diseases, including diabetes and cancer. Studying DNA from both healthy and sick dogs can help researchers gain insights into diseases that affect both species. In 2005, scientists sequenced the full dog genome (read more here) from a boxer named Tasha. That work helped lay the foundation for a variety of studies into the genetic basis of disease — research that depends on help from dogs as well their human companions.

How can your dog help?
We need DNA samples from purebred dogs suffering from the diseases we are currently studying (described below), as well as from older, healthy dogs from the same breeds. If you would like to submit a sample, please ask your veterinarian to collect 5 milliliters of blood from your dog (click here for more information). Although we appreciate that many people and dogs want to help, using samples from only purebred dogs will ensure the fastest progress for all dogs.

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