Genomic Center for Infectious Diseases

The Broad GCID focuses on viral, bacterial, fungal diseases, as well as parasitic diseases and the vectors responsible for their transmission. In all of these areas, researchers study the genomic basis of pathogen traits, host-pathogen interactions, and pathogen evolution and spread. This knowledge can inform the development of better monitoring techniques, preventative measures, diagnostics, and treatments. 

The GCID team pursues the following three broad, long-range objectives:

  1. To explore the genomic epidemiology of pathogens and vectors at individual and population scales.

  2. To understand interactions among vertebrate hosts, pathogens, and arthropod vectors using genomic and transcriptomic approaches.

  3. To define the functional basis of virulence, immunity, antimicrobial resistance, and the functional consequences of metagenomic diversity.

Broad’s GCID is one of three centers funded by NIAID. The GCID shares all data and analytical tools publicly to advance research in infectious diseases.

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