ChIP-Seq Data

The primary data for published Broad Institute ChIP-Seq experiments have been deposited to the NCBI GEO database under the following accessions:

Mikkelsen et al. (2007): GSE12241
Mikkelsen et al. (2008): GSE11074
Meissner and Mikkelsen et al. (2008): GSE11172
Ku, Koche, Rheinbay et al. ( 2008): GSE13084

Processed data can also be obtained from the following URL:

To visualize a region of the analyzed data as custom tracks on the UCSC genome browser, please enter coordinates in the format "chr:start-end" or "chr start end" (max 5 Mb):

Mouse genome position (mm8):

Human genome position (hg18):

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Browser window size: pixels

HoxA cluster (mm8): chr6:51968382-52263457
FoxP2 (mm8): chr6:14716191-15527134
Cytokine cluster (mm8): chr11:53088953-53934767
Polrmt (mm8): chr10:79109233-79179729

Irx3 (mm8) chr8:94588502-94791002
Irx3 (hg18) chr16:52775879-52978379
Osbp2 (mm8) chr11:3661906-3864406
Osbp2 (hg18) chr22:29320292-29522792