Shamji Group: Group Members

Alykhan Shamji, Photo by Maskull Lasserre
Ph.D., Harvard University
A.B., Harvard College
Cindy Hon
M.B.A., San Jose State University
M.S., San Jose State University
B.Sc., North Carolina State University
Project areas: Targeting cancer genetic dependencies using cancer cell-line profiling (NCI CTD2); application of expression- and image-based profiling to study compound collections
Tom Sundberg, Ph.D.
Ph.D., University of Michigan
B.A., University of Texas
Project area: Developing small-molecule modulators of inflammatory cytokine production through cell-based screens
Kimberly L. Carey, Ph.D.
Ph.D., University of Vermont College of Medicine
B.S., University of Vermont
Project area: Developing small-molecule modulators of autophagy through cell-based screens
Michael Durney, Ph.D.
Ph.D., University of Southampton
B.Sc., National University of Ireland
Project area: Fragment-based NMR screening to identify small molecules to modulate protein-protein interactions in immune signaling
Jason Rush, Ph.D.
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
B.S., University of Michigan
Project area: Targeting protein-protein interactions implicated in Crohn's disease