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Guidelines for application

 Due Date 11-22-2015

  1. A proposal using the KCO proposal template should be completed and submitted electronically ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE to Questions can be directed to Orit Rozenblatt-Rosen as well.
  2. Proposals must clearly state the importance of the science proposed, its relevance to the KCO mission, and why it is appropriate for funding.
  3. The Principal Investigator for each proposal must be a Broad Core Member, Senior Associate Member, Associate Member or Broad senior scientific staff (with PI status). The roles and responsibilities of co-PIs, collaborators, platforms and any other participants should be clearly outlined.
  4. Proposals should indicate their dependency and synergy with current Broad Platforms. The prospective PI must discuss the project with the Platform Director to ensure they are capable of completing the project and a letter of support from the Platform should be included.
  5. Broad Institute-KCO proposals for ONE year of funding will be considered. No-cost extensions will be considered based upon progress during year one.
  6. Budgets are to reflect direct and indirect costs, to a maximum of $200,000 total costs.
  7. Where applicable, budgets must reflect current Specialized Service Facility (SSF) rates for use of Broad Platform capacity.
  8. All budgets should be discussed with Jane Lee, Senior Project Coordinator ( PRIOR to submission