Data Sharing Plan

The Broad Institute (BI) has been committed to rapid, prepublication release of genomic data for over 15 years and it is our mission is to create comprehensive tools for genomic, proteomic, chemical biology, and medicine and make them broadly available to the scientific community. This mission is illustrated by our commitment to strategies that maximize public access to our scientific discoveries. One illustration is the pride we take in the number and breadth of our peer reviewed scientific publications. Since our inception in 2003, we have published more than 400 scientific papers and expect that this project will be published in a peer reviewed journal as soon as possible. This will, of course, follow NIH’s requirements for publication and be submitted to PubMed within the timeframe required.

Since its inception in 2004 the Broad Institute Proteomics Platform has been committed to public release of data. All research publications emanating from the group are accompanied by data deposition at Tranche-Proteome Commons. As of July 1, 2010 this represents 12 data sets containing more than 268 GB of data that are associated with 12 publications as well as pre-publication work done as part of the group’s participation in both the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer (CPTAC) network ( and the NCI Mouse Proteomics Technologies Initiative (MPTI) in collaboration with the laboratory of Tyler Jacks, Director of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT.