Broad Technology Labs

The Broad Technology Labs combine deep experience in molecular biology, laboratory automation, microfluidics, and computational biology to provide cutting-edge solutions for the Broad community.

Our mission is to develop breakthrough methods and technologies that bridge the gap between proof-of-principle prototypes and fully integrated large-scale processes, with a focus on bringing previously unavailable capabilities to the Broad community that can drive scientific progress.

Our research and development efforts are directly tied to the critical needs of our partners in the scientific community. We are continually developing new processes, improving existing ones, and implementing early access to our portfolio of technologies. These include methods developed exclusively in the Technology Labs and those developed jointly with our commercial and academic partners. Our goal is to make the technology accessible to users as early as possible.

To initiate a project or to explore collaboration opportunities with us, please use the Broad Technology Labs inquiry form and a member of our team will respond to you directly.