GTEx Project Community Scientific Meeting

The GTEx Community meeting has been an annual event that is open to the scientific community interested in learning more about the project and data, and/or scientists who are already using the data in their research. Prior meetings have been held at the Broad Institute (2014), the University of Chicago (2015), at Stanford University (2016), and in Barcelona, Spain (April, 2017), attracting a community of scientists from all over the world who are using or who plan to benefit from using the GTEx data. With data generation nearing an end, we hosted our final community meeting of the project on June 28th in Rockville, MD/Washington, DC.


About the Genotype-Tissue Expression project

The Genotype-Tissue Expression project (GTEx) aims to create a public atlas of human gene expression and its regulation across multiple tissue types, enabling the research community to dissect the effect of genetic variation and gene expression, and to aid in the functional interpretation of genetic associations with disease. GTEx data are now available at dbGaP and the GTEx Portal.

GTEx Project Community Meeting