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Who should I contact for more information on SPARC?

John Doench
Institute Scientist


Todd Golub


Who are the SPARC Committee members?

Todd Golub (Chair), Core Institute Member
Pratiti Bandopadhayay, Associate Member
Brad Bernstein, Institute Member
Jesse Boehm, Institute Scientist
Alex Burgin, Institute Scientist
Steve Carr, Institute Scientist
Jon Clardy, Associate Member
John Doench, Institute Scientist
Anna Greka, Institute Scientist
Nir Hacohen, Institute Member
Deborah Hung, Core Institute Member
Monty Krieger, Associate Member
Chris Love, Associate Member
Aviv Regev, Core Institute Member
David Root, Institute Scientist
Orit Rozenblatt-Rosen, Institute Scientist
Dyann Wirth, Sr Associate Member
Ramnik Xavier, Core Institute Member
Michael Yaffe, Associate Member



Who should I submit the SPARC proposal to?

The final version of the proposal must be mailed to on or before the due date.

PLEASE NOTE: A pre-proposal is no longer required, but it is highly recommended that the appropriate Program/Initiative Steering Committee review and provide input on any proposal prior to submission to the SPARC Committee.

What are the criteria for a SPARC proposal?

Please refer to the criteria section on the SPARC home page.

Who can submit a SPARC proposal?

Broad Institute Members, Associate Members, Institute Scientists and Senior Scientists with Broad PI status. For questions regarding Broad PI status contact