Genomics is laying the groundwork for a new generation of diagnostics and therapeutics, built on our growing understanding of the biological mechanisms of disease. At the Broad Institute, biologists, chemists, physicians, mathematicians, computational biologists, and software engineers are using systematic, unbiased approaches to identify the root causes of disease and find new opportunities for therapeutic intervention. 

New technologies for reading and editing DNA and RNA provide vast amounts of data and reveal transformative insights. At the Broad Institute, scientists generate a whole human genome’s worth of genetic data every few minutes, read gene expression patterns in tissues and in millions of single cells, and use gene editing to create disease models and dissect cell circuitry. 

At the Broad Institute, researchers are revealing deep biological insights about the causes of disease, which are leading to new ways to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients with greater precision. These include new tools that help predict diseases well before symptoms appear, and more effective therapeutics that reduce the chance of relapse or drug resistance. 

By sharing openly, we can help accelerate research everywhere. At the Broad Institute, scientists make discoveries, data, tools, technologies, and knowledge freely available. We work with industry partners to ensure these innovations benefit patients.

Global partnerships are essential to addressing the world's most pressing — and complex — biological and medical challenges. At the Broad Institute, researchers create, steward, and partner in international collaborations with scientists around the world. We work with researchers and patients to tackle important challenges in biomedicine and find innovative, high-impact solutions. 

We strive to build an inclusive community that empowers and taps into the full potential of every Broadie. Broad Institute is a mission-driven community that brings together researchers in medicine, biology, chemistry, computation, engineering, and mathematics from across MIT, Harvard, Harvard-affiliated hospitals, and around the world.