Supplemental Materials: Building Liver Tissue for Disease Modeling and Therapy

Science for All Seasons, January 14, 2014, registration and event details
Sangeeta Bhatia

As an alternative to transplant, what if patients facing liver failure could simply have a new organ grown for them? This is the ultimate research goal of biomedical engineer Sangeeta Bhatia, also a senior associate member of the Broad.

Using two- and three-dimensional cellular models, Bhatia investigates the microenvironment of liver cells and how it influences their ability to mature and divide, insights that could guide the development of an artificial liver. In this talk, Bhatia will describe advances in liver tissue engineering, including the recent discovery of compounds that can drive liver cell maturation and division, and explain how different liver models are valuable for testing human drug metabolism and toxicity and studying pathogens that infect the liver.

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