Science for All Seasons

Science for All Seasons gives you a chance to explore hot topics in genomics with leading experts from the Broad Institute. Find out what key advances, new technologies, and the latest findings mean for you in this free and open lecture series.

2022 Lectures

Tuesday, August 2, 5:00-6:00pm
What will it take to make clinical genomics part of everyday medicine?
Heidi Rehm

The first human genome cost $2.7 billion and took nearly 20 years to complete. Labs around the world now sequence genomes everyday for a fraction of the time and cost. Clinical geneticist Heidi Rehm will discuss how researchers and clinicians are working together to leverage all of those data to change the lives of millions of patients and find the causes for some of the rarest diseases.

This lecture is presented in memory of Eliana Hechter and is supported by the Eliana Hechter Memorial Fund.


Past Events

Tuesday, April 19, 12:00-1:00pm
A personal journey to understand and overcome prion disease
Sonia Vallabh and Eric Minikel

Soon after losing her mother to genetic prion disease in 2010, Sonia Vallabh and her husband, Eric Minikel, learned that Sonia had inherited a mutation that put her at high risk for this progressive, degenerative, and currently untreatable disorder. The result upended their lives, and launched them on a now decade-long journey to understand the roots of prion disease and, hopefully, find a way to prevent it before it strikes. Along the way, they have helped redefine the nature of prion disease, and built a community of scientists, patients, and families that is walking the path with them.


Tuesday, February 15, 5:00-6:00pm
Count Me In: How engaging patients can accelerate cancer research
Nikhil Wagle, Elana Anastasio, and Colleen Nguyen

In the United States alone, nearly 2 million people were diagnosed with cancer last year. Only a fraction of them, though, will have the opportunity to participate in research that could benefit them or others like them. Join Nikhil Wagle, Elana Anastasio, and Colleen Nguyen as they talk about Count Me In, a project that engages patients everywhere in the US and Canada diagnosed with any kind of cancer, and enables them to accelerate cancer research by sharing their samples, their clinical information, and their voices.