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Research Highlights:
Infectious Disease

Broad Press releases and news stories

Getting smart about antibiotics
Broad institute member James Collins demystifies how antibiotics work, laying a path toward smarter, more effective use of existing bacteria-fighting drugs

Resisting resistance in TB
Antibiotics do patients no good if the pathogen being targeted is resistant to them. When it comes to tuberculosis, avoiding treatments destined to fail can be lifesaving.

Single-cell analysis helps sort out host-pathogen interactions
Researchers apply single-cell analysis to study host-pathogen interactions

New insights on an old virus
Broad researchers publish the largest catalog of genomic data on Lassa virus to date, lending new understanding to the deadly disease

Genomic study sheds light on protective effects of malaria vaccine candidate
Evidence of allele-specificity helps explain partial protection of RTS,S/AS01


External Content

Drug-resistant superbugs may be more widespread than previously known, CNN

A family of superbugs, known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or CRE, may be spreading more widely than previously thought, according to a study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

New Study Raises Specter of More Bacteria Resistant to Last Line Antibiotics, Wall Street Journal

Study examined bacteria resistant to carbapenems, a class of antibiotics considered last-resort

Person of the Year: Ebola Scientists, TIME,
Pardis Sabeti was one of the scientists recognized for their work investigating the Ebola virus during the recent outbreak

The Virus Detectives, New York Times
Broad scientists are sifting through Ebola virus genomes, looking for clues about the virus and how we might stop it

DNA sequencing uncovers…malaria parasite genome, Genome Web
Genome sequencing is providing clues about the evolution of the malaria parasite Plasmodium vivax and how it develops drug resistance

Educate Your Immune System, New York Times
Research is bolstering the ‘hygiene hypothesis,’ suggesting that a healthy immune system may depend in part on early exposure to certain microbes

Data sharing, Nature
Broad researchers make a case for data sharing during outbreaks to speed global response


Videos and Multimedia

Science Visualized: An Image of Ebola Emerges
How a photo from the Congo inspired a feature image for the journal Science

Understanding and Controlling Malaria through Evolution, Midsummer Nights' Science
Dan Neafsey describes how genome sequencing provides a new perspective on malaria, a disease that has been shaped by natural selection of both the malaria parasite and its human host

Guts and bugs in health and disease, Science for All Seasons
Renowned gastroenterologist Ramnik Xavier discussed the link between the gut microbiome and our health