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Stand Genomic Sci DOI:10.4056/sigs.2255041

High quality draft genome sequence of Segniliparus rugosus CDC 945(T)= (ATCC BAA-974(T)).

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsEarl, AM, Desjardins, CA, FitzGerald, MG, Arachchi, HM, Zeng, Q, Mehta, T, Griggs, A, Birren, BW, Toney, NC, Carr, J, Posey, J, W Butler, R
JournalStand Genomic Sci
Date Published2011 Dec 31

Segniliparus rugosus represents one of two species in the genus Segniliparus, the sole genus in the family Segniliparaceae. A unique and interesting feature of this family is the presence of extremely long carbon-chain length mycolic acids bound in the cell wall. S. rugosus is also a medically important species because it is an opportunistic pathogen associated with mammalian lung disease. This report represents the second species in the genus to have its genome sequenced. The 3,567,567 bp long genome with 3,516 protein-coding and 49 RNA genes is part of the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, Human Microbiome Project.


Alternate JournalStand Genomic Sci
PubMed ID22675588
PubMed Central IDPMC3368418
Grant ListHHSN272200900017C / AI / NIAID NIH HHS / United States
U54 HG004969 / HG / NHGRI NIH HHS / United States