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Identification of ALK Gene Alterations in Urothelial Carcinoma.

Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsBellmunt, J., Selvarajah S., Rodig S., Salido M., de Muga S., Costa I., Bellosillo B., Werner L., Mullane S., Fay AP, O'Brien R., Barretina J., Minoche AE, Signoretti S., Montagut C., Himmelbauer H., Berman DM, Kantoff P., Choueiri TK, and Rosenberg JE
AbstractAnaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) genomic alterations have emerged as a potent predictor of benefit from treatment with ALK inhibitors in several cancers. Currently, there is no information about ALK gene alterations in urothelial carcinoma (UC) and its correlation with clinical or pathologic features and outcome.
Year of Publication2014
JournalPloS one
Date Published (YYYY/MM/DD)2014/01/01