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Journal of medical genetics DOI:10.1136/jmedgenet-2014-102478

Meta-analysis identifies loci affecting levels of the potential osteoarthritis biomarkers sCOMP and uCTX-II with genome wide significance.

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRamos, YF, Metrustry, S, Arden, N, Bay-Jensen, AC, Beekman, M, de Craen, AJ, Cupples, LA, Esko, T, Evangelou, E, Felson, DT, Hart, DJ, Ioannidis, JP, Karsdal, M, Kloppenburg, M, Lafeber, F, Metspalu, A, Panoutsopoulou, K, Slagboom, PE, Spector, TD, van Spil, EW, Uitterlinden, AG, Zhu, Y, arcOGENconsortium , , collaborators TreatOA, , Valdes, AM, van Meurs, JB, Meulenbelt, I
JournalJournal of medical genetics
Date Published2014/07/23

Research for the use of biomarkers in osteoarthritis (OA) is promising, however, adequate discrimination between patients and controls may be hampered due to innate differences. We set out to identify loci influencing levels of serum cartilage oligomeric protein (sCOMP) and urinary C-telopeptide of type II collagen (uCTX-II).