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Invasive myocardial perfusion scan with (131)I-MAA and (99m)Tc-Microspheres (author's transl) .

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1977
AuthorsEndert, G, Ritter, H, Schumann, E
JournalDer Radiologe
Date Published1977/10/17

Hemodynamic evaluation of coronary artery stenosis is indicated in patients with ischemic heart disease. For this purpose myocardial perfusion scans are performed. In our study myocardial scans were performed by selective injection of 60 to 80 muCi of (131)I-MAA in the right coronary artery and of 3 mCi of (99m)Tc-microspheres in the left coronary artery. Four views (RAO, LAO, AP, LLAT) were taken with an Anger-Camera and a computer-control-led color-coded display system (Picker Dyna-Came-ra 3C/12 and Kruppe Atlas Elektronik EPR 1100, medium energy collimator). Right and left coronary artery perfusion images were stored and two-colour image produced. Following computer processing (smoothing, normalization) the images were added and photographed in color. In comparision with scans and left-ventricular and coronary angiography the sensitivity of the nuclear medicine method was shown in cases with reduced perfusion. Therefore the perfusion scans seem to be useful in combination with angiography for the determination of therapy.


PubMed ID928674