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CD33 Alzheimer's disease locus: altered monocyte function and amyloid biology.

Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsBradshaw, EM, Chibnik LB, Keenan BT, Ottoboni L., Raj T., Tang A., Rosenkrantz LL, Imboywa S., Lee M., Von Korff A., Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Morris MC, Evans DA, Johnson K., Sperling RA, Schneider JA, Bennett DA, and De Jager PL
AbstractIn our functional dissection of the CD33 Alzheimer's disease susceptibility locus, we found that the rs3865444(C) risk allele was associated with greater cell surface expression of CD33 in the monocytes (t50 = 10.06, Pjoint = 1.3 × 10(-13)) of young and older individuals. It was also associated with diminished internalization of amyloid-β 42 peptide, accumulation of neuritic amyloid pathology and fibrillar amyloid on in vivo imaging, and increased numbers of activated human microglia.
Year of Publication2013
JournalNature neuroscience
Date Published (YYYY/MM/DD)2013/07/01
ISSN Number1097-6256