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Journal of biomolecular screening DOI:10.1177/1087057111420292

Workflow and Metrics for Image Quality Control in Large-Scale High-Content Screens.

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBray, MA, Fraser, AN, Hasaka, TP, Carpenter, AE
JournalJournal of biomolecular screening
Date Published2011/09/28

Automated microscopes have enabled the unprecedented collection of images at a rate that precludes visual inspection. Automated image analysis is required to identify interesting samples and extract quantitative information for high-content screening (HCS). However, researchers are impeded by the lack of metrics and software tools to identify image-based aberrations that pollute data, limiting experiment quality. The authors have developed and validated approaches to identify those image acquisition artifacts that prevent optimal extraction of knowledge from high-content microscopy experiments. They have implemented these as a versatile, open-source toolbox of algorithms and metrics readily usable by biologists to improve data quality in a wide variety of biological experiments.