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Developing multiplexed assays for troponin I and interleukin-33 in plasma by peptide immunoaffinity enrichment and targeted mass spectrometry.

Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsKuhn, E., Addona T., Keshishian H., Burgess M., Mani D. R., Lee RT, Sabatine MS, Gerszten RE, and Carr SA
AbstractProtein biomarker candidates from discovery proteomics must be quantitatively verified in patient samples before they can progress to clinical validation. Here we demonstrate that peptide immunoaffinity enrichment coupled with stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry (SISCAPA-MRM) can be used to configure assays with performance suitable for candidate biomarker verification. As proof of principle, we configured SISCAPA assays for troponin I (cTnI), an established biomarker of cardiac injury, and interleukin 33 (IL-33), an emerging immunological and cardiovascular marker for which robust immunoassays are currently not available.
Year of Publication2009
JournalClinical chemistry
Date Published (YYYY/MM/DD)2009/06/01
ISSN Number0009-9147