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Genome biology DOI:10.1186/gb-2011-12-1-r1

A scalable, fully automated process for construction of sequence-ready human exome targeted capture libraries.

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFisher, S, Barry, A, Abreu, J, Minie, B, Nolan, J, Delorey, TM, Young, G, Fennell, TJ, Allen, A, Ambrogio, L, Berlin, AM, Blumenstiel, B, Cibulskis, K, Friedrich, D, Johnson, R, Juhn, F, Reilly, B, Shammas, R, Stalker, J, Sykes, SM, Thompson, J, Walsh, J, Zimmer, A, Zwirko, Z, Gabriel, S, Nicol, R, Nusbaum, C
JournalGenome biology
Date Published2012/01/09

Genome targeting methods enable cost-effective capture of specific subsets of the genome for sequencing. We present here an automated, highly scalable method for carrying out the Solution Hybrid Selection capture approach that provides a dramatic increase in scale and throughput of sequence-ready libraries produced. Significant process improvements and a series of in-process quality control checkpoints are also added. These process improvements can also be used in a manual version of the protocol.