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Nat Methods DOI:10.1038/nmeth.4465

Antibodies to biotin enable large-scale detection of biotinylation sites on proteins.

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsUdeshi, ND, Pedram, K, Svinkina, T, Fereshetian, S, Myers, SA, Aygun, O, Krug, K, Clauser, K, Ryan, D, Ast, T, Mootha, VK, Ting, AY, Carr, SA
JournalNat Methods
Date Published2017 Oct 16

Although purification of biotinylated molecules is highly efficient, identifying specific sites of biotinylation remains challenging. We show that anti-biotin antibodies enable unprecedented enrichment of biotinylated peptides from complex peptide mixtures. Live-cell proximity labeling using APEX peroxidase followed by anti-biotin enrichment and mass spectrometry yielded over 1,600 biotinylation sites on hundreds of proteins, an increase of more than 30-fold in the number of biotinylation sites identified compared to streptavidin-based enrichment of proteins.


Alternate JournalNat. Methods
PubMed ID29039416