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Discovery of six new susceptibility loci and analysis of pleiotropic effects in leprosy.Liu, H., Irwanto A., Fu X., Yu G., Yu Y., Sun Y., Wang C., Wang Z., Okada Y., Low H., Li Y., Liany H., Chen M., Bao F., Li J., You J., Zhang Q., Liu J., Chu T., Andiappan AK, et al. Nature genetics, 2015/02/02, (2015) Read More / View Supplemental Materials
PKM2 isoform-specific deletion reveals a differential requirement for pyruvate kinase in tumor cells.Israelsen, WJ, Dayton TL, Davidson SM, Fiske BP, Hosios AM, Bellinger G., Li J., Yu Y., Sasaki M., Horner JW, Burga LN, Xie J., Jurczak MJ, Depinho RA, Clish CB, Jacks T., Kibbey RG, Wulf GM, Di Vizio D., Mills GB, et al. Cell, 2013/10/10, Volume 155, Issue 2, p.397-409, (2013) Read More / View Supplemental Materials
The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer analysis project.Cancer Genome Atlas Research, Network, Genome Characterization Center, Chang K., Creighton CJ, Davis C., Donehower L., Drummond J., Wheeler D., Ally A., Balasundaram M., Birol I., Butterfield YS, Chu A., Chuah E., Chun HJ, Dhalla N., Guin R., Hirst M., Hirst C., Holt RA, et al. Nature genetics, 2013/09/26, Volume 45, Issue 10, p.1113-20, (2013) Read More / View Supplemental Materials
A mitotic phosphorylation feedback network connects Cdk1, Plk1, 53BP1, and Chk2 to inactivate the G(2)/M DNA damage checkpoint.van Vugt, MA, Gardino AK, Linding R., Ostheimer GJ, Reinhardt HC, Ong SE, Tan CS, Miao H., Keezer SM, Li J., Pawson T., Lewis TA, Carr SA, Smerdon SJ, Brummelkamp TR, and Yaffe MB PLoS biology, 2010/01/26, Volume 8, Issue 1, p.e1000287, (2010) Read More / View Supplemental Materials
Multi-site assessment of the precision and reproducibility of multiple reaction monitoring-based measurements of proteins in plasma.Addona, TA, Abbatiello SE, Schilling B., Skates SJ, Mani D. R., Bunk DM, Spiegelman CH, Zimmerman LJ, Ham AJ, Keshishian H., Hall SC, Allen S., Blackman RK, Borchers CH, Buck C., Cardasis HL, Cusack MP, Dodder NG, Gibson BW, Held JM, et al. Nature biotechnology, 2009/07/01, Volume 27, Issue 7, p.633-41, (2009) Read More / View Supplemental Materials
  • Showing 1-5 of 5 Results