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David Liu: outside professional activities

David Liu (DRL) is a co-founder and consultant for Beam Therapeutics, Prime Medicine, Pairwise Plants, Exo Therapeutics, and YKY Therapeutics. He owns founders’ equity in these companies, receives consultancies from them, and serves on their scientific advisory boards. He was a co-founder of Editas Medicine. He also serves as a scientific advisory board member of Tevard Biosciences, Voyager Therapeutics, Insitro, and Wuxi Biologics, and owns equity in Tevard, Voyager, and Insitro. DRL may receive honoraria and travel reimbursements for some speaking engagements. He is a co-inventor on patents related to his research, as listed on his CV at Some of these patents have been licensed to companies including those listed above. Potential conflicts of interest between his academic activities and his activities with other entities including the companies above are actively disclosed and managed in accordance with the conflict of interest policies of the Broad Institute, Harvard University, and HHMI.

The policies are available at: