Broad Institute Members

Institute Members are faculty members of MIT, Harvard, or one of the Harvard-affiliated hospitals. They are deeply engaged in the intellectual life of Broad and are responsible for setting its scientific direction. 

Core Institute Members have their primary laboratories at Broad Institute facilities.


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Niall Lennon and Sheila Dodge,  COVID19 training session Genomics Platform

Institute Scientists are professional scientists who play a key role in:

  • catalyzing scientific connections across the Broad community and beyond
  • shaping scientific priorities and engaging in key institutional issues and decisions
  • fostering the continual renewal of the Broad community by recruiting, mentoring, and supporting a new generation of young scientists
  • fulfilling key citizenship and service roles that strengthen the Broad community.


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Broadies at the Poster Connect day, looking at posters

Associate Members are faculty members of MIT, Harvard, or one of the Harvard-affiliated hospitals. They are valued members and active participants in the Broad community and are eligible for internal seed funding. In some cases, they have laboratory space at the Broad. 

Affiliate Members participate in regular scientific meetings, talks, and presentations as valued members of our community.

If you are a faculty member of MIT, Harvard, or one of the Harvard-affiliated hospitals and are interested in becoming an Associate or Affiliate Member, please complete our self-nomination form. Feel free to contact the Office of Academic Affairs with any questions.


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Staff Scientists - group photo from retreat 2019

The Broad's senior professional scientists are deeply involved in leading and executing a range of core scientific projects across the Institute, and include PhD-level bench and computational scientists, software engineers, and other senior scientific staff.


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Juan Caicedo, a Schmidt fellow, presents the Broad Retreat

Fellows are exceptional early-career scientists who have the opportunity to develop independent research programs at Broad. Broad offers several fellowship programs.


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Leadership and administration

Todd R. Golub

Todd Golub is director of the Broad Institute and a founding core member. He is also a member of the faculty of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. Golub is a world-renowned physician-scientist who pioneered the application of genomics to cancer biology and therapeutic discovery.


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Broad executive leadership team (ELT)

Our leadership team is committed to empowering Broad scientists to work individually and together to accelerate biomedical progress.


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AdminConnect Day at Broad

The administrative team works in close partnership with scientists to support Broad research through innovation and agility.

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