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The Broad’s office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering welcomes opportunities to explore your licensing interest. Our patent portfolio is dynamic and the technologies highlighted here are published patent applications or issued patents.  If you have a specific technology interest, please contact us directly.

Date Published Intellectual Property
09/22/2016 Constructs for continuous monitoring of live cells
09/15/2016 Genotype and phenotype coupling
09/15/2016 Selective treatment of prmt5 dependent cancer
09/15/2016 Proteomic analysis with nucleic acid identifiers
09/01/2016 T cell balance gene expression, compositions of matters and methods of use thereof
07/28/2016 Method and system for analyzing biological networks
07/07/2016 Crispr mediated in vivo modeling and genetic screening of tumor growth and metastasis
06/30/2016 Imidazopyridine EZH2 Inhibitors
06/30/2016 Crispr having or associated with destabilization domains
06/30/2016 Rna-targeting system
06/23/2016 Dopamine D2 receptor ligands
06/23/2016 Dopamine D2 Receptor Ligands
06/23/2016 Modulators of hepatic lipoprotein metabolism
06/16/2016 Escorted and functionalized guides for crispr-cas systems
06/16/2016 Delivery, use and therapeutic applications of crispr systems and compositions for genome editing as to hematopoietic stem cells (hscs)
06/16/2016 Protected guide rnas (pgrnas)
06/09/2016 Method for in situ determination of nucleic acid proximity
06/02/2016 Clonal haematopoiesis
06/02/2016 Method of identifying and treating a person having a predisposition to or afflicted with a cardiometabolic disease
05/19/2016 Modeling neural network dysfunction
05/06/2016 Compositions, methods and use of synthetic lethal screening
04/21/2016 Compositions and methods of treating muscular dystrophy
04/14/2016 Markers for hematological cancers
04/14/2016 Markers for assessing risk of developing or having obsessive compulsive disorder
03/31/2016 Delivery, use and therapeutic applications of the crispr-cas systems and compositions for modeling competition of multiple cancer mutations in vivo